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Trick Dog Show Performer

Abby Cline & Sam Eischen

Sam and Abby met in 2020 when Abby hired Sam to do some woodworking on her newly purchased van. Sam quickly caught the dog training “bug,” and has been touring with Stunt Dog Productions ever since! Together, they have a full performance team of dogs that amazes audiences of all ages with their signature tricks and stunts.

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Abby Cline

Abby Cline has worked for Stunt Dog Productions since 2009. She started in dog sports by competing in disc dog competitions, followed by an internship for a Michigan-based company called Pawsitive Vybe in 2008. Abby graduated college in 2010 with a BA in sculpture. Her artistic nature has greatly benefited her ability to be a top performer in the field. In the off season, Abby spends her winters in Tampa, FL training her dogs and dabbling in art.

Sam Eischen

Frisbee dog show
Trick Dog Performer

Sam Eischen began working for Stunt Dog Productions in the fall of 2022. He was originally working as a finish carpenter and fine woodworker until he met Abby, who hired him to build the interior of her newly purchased cargo van. Since meeting Abby, Sam caught the dog training “bug” and hasn’t looked back. He has always had a love of animals, especially dogs, and recently trained his first dog to participate in multiple parts of the Stunt Dog Show. In his spare time, Sam still enjoys woodworking, as well as hanging out with the pups.

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