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Over 15,000+ live Stunt Dog shows nationwide

Let's Work Together!

Experience the exhilarating performance of our All-Star Stunt Dogs and All-Star Stunt Dog Splash at your next fair or festival. Stunt Dog Productions has been at the forefront of canine entertainment since 1999, offering an impressive repertoire of dozens of thrilling tricks, dynamic stunts, and engaging audience interaction. Witness our talented rescue dogs perform breathtaking feats of agility, Frisbee stunts, and captivating routines that showcase their athleticism and charm.

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Our Mission

Since 1999, our mission has been to provide world class canine entertainment while promoting pet adoption, positive reinforcement training, and responsible pet ownership. Every performance includes this positive community outreach.

Customized Shows for a Unique Experience

Your event is one-of-a-kind, and our shows are designed to reflect that. We customize our performances to suit your event's theme, audience demographics, and space requirements. Whether it's integrating specific music and stunts to match your event's atmosphere or adjusting the scale of our performance to fit your venue, we deliver a unique and memorable entertainment experience.

Your audience will love watching our rescue dogs soar, spin, jump, and fly in each and every show. Our production offers over 40+ jaw dropping tricks, big air stunts, comedy antics, dancing dogs, athletic Frisbee dog feats, high-jumping challenges, and interactive crowd participation. The All-Star Stunt Dog Show is the most entertaining and highly requested animal act in the industry!

Unmatched Standards of Performance

The canine entertainment market is currently saturated with options for dog show productions. As industry leaders, we strive to ensure Stunt Dog Productions maintains the highest standards of talent in the world. All four of our full-time, professional performance teams have been personally coached by CEO and Owner Chris Perondi, the "Stunt Dog Guy." Each team brings their own personality and unique flair to our tried-and-true script, carefully planned stunts, and fully choreographed presentation.

Our world class trainers share our unrivaled expectation for a clean, seamless performance. Your audiences will be chanting "Dog-Gone Fun!" and keep coming back for more with a Stunt Dog Production team providing entertainment at your next event! 

Over 90% Re-Booking Rate

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