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Kara Leann & Bryan Arney

Kara and Bryan met at Silverdollar in 2016. At the time, Bryan was working as a stage manager and Kara, a performer. Two years later, Bryan and Kara took over the Indianapolis Zoo’s All-Star Dog Challenge and the State Fair Of Texas production.


Over the years, Kara and Bryan have overcome many obstacles, yet never fail to deliver a jaw-dropping Stunt Dog Show that you will not want to miss!

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Kara Leann

Kara Leann has been involved in dog training since 2004, working with her family’s pet Shar-Pei. During high school Kara was extremely competitive in sports, but was forced to withdraw when diagnosed with lupus in 2007. This is when Kara’s true passion for dog training and dog sports was created. While going to vet tech school, Kara and her dogs competed in multiple sports including disc dog, and dock dog. Throughout the years, she has also competed in IGP, lure coursing, nose work, rally, obedience, and has trained police dogs, personal protection dogs, therapy dogs, and search and rescue dogs. 


Kara’s talented dogs have also been featured in several movies, commercials, and print. 


When not doing dog stuff, Kara is doing other dogs stuff.


Bryan Arney


Bryan is from the small tourist town of Branson Missouri. He has worked in the entertainment Industry for 20 years, primarily at a theme park called Silver Dollar City for 10 years where he participated in all aspects of live show production. Bryan is experienced in stagecraft, lighting, and audio management. Bryan began working with Stunt Dog Productions in 2009 as a stage hand, and later stepped forward from behind the curtain as a featured performer and trainer.

Bryan is a devoted father to his 14 year old daughter, an aspiring dog trainer/performer and tours the country with his amazing all star trainer and girlfriend Kara Leann. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys video chatting with his daughter and playing video games.

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