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Chris Perondi & Suhey Perondi

Chris and Suhey Perondi married on October 26, 2013. They share a home with their son, Anthony, in French Camp, California. They are the loving parents of 14 adorable dogs, ranging in age from 4 months old to 13 years old. In the off season, they enjoy playing frisbee with their dogs on their 2 acre property, and jumping dogs in their 40 foot dock diving pool. 

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Chris Perondi

Chris Perondi discovered dog training back in 1996, when he started playing frisbee as a hobby with his first dog, Pepper. He founded Stunt Dog Productions in 1999, and has since evolved into a disc showman who has appeared in NFL, NBA halftime shows and MLB pre-game shows. Chris has been featured extensively on TV and in the national media, known for his dogs' incredible stunts and tricks. In his free time, Chris enjoys golfing, biking, fishing, Netflix, comedy clubs and PC video games. 

Suhey Perondi

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Suhey, originally from Puerto Rico, was working at a bank when she met Chris in 2008. She quickly learned how to train dogs, and before long, quit her job as a bank teller to travel the country with Chris and the dogs. In her spare time, Suhey loves training her Doodles, going to concerts, watching Netflix, and taking vacations. She is an excellent cook, and holds the house together like a rockstar. She hopes to take another vacation to Bora Bora next year to celebrate her 10 year wedding anniversary with Chris!

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