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Chris Collier & Alyssa Buller

Chris and Alyssa are the most recent addition to the Stunt Dog Productions family. Their enthusiastic nature and fresh ideas have brought an exciting new flavor to the Stunt Dog shows, and we are excited to watch their growth in the years to come. 

They currently share a home in Indianapolis, Indiana with their 15 dogs and one cat. When not performing in shows, Chris & Alyssa support their local community by providing affordable dog training resources to families in need.

Chris and Alyssa met in the dog training community, and have now been together for over 4 years. They dreamed of one day becoming full time performers, and are now ecstatic that their dream has come true.

Chris and Alyssa have very similar training philosophies. They believe that by building a strong bond with an animal, anything is possible. Their pack of 15 dogs (and a cat) come from all over the country, and each dog specializes in something different. Chris and Alyssa both take their dogs' welfare very seriously and love to take any opportunity to get out into nature and let the dogs "be dogs." Each dog in their family is a treasured, valued pet and family member.

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Chris Collier

Chris began his dog training career in 2015 by competing in dog sports, primarily Flying Disc. He earned a qualifying ticket to the frisbee world championships in his first year, and later branched out into pet obedience training. In 2019, he left his corporate job in IT Sales to pursue his dream of training dogs full time. 

Chris is passionate about performing with his dogs, and enjoys playing League of Legends and watching football in his spare time.

Alyssa Buller

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Alyssa began her dog training career in 2014, initially specializing in behavior modification for fearful, anxious, and aggressive dogs. After studying Psychology in college, and later attending multiple dog training courses, she ran a successful dog training business for 7 years. Alyssa began competing in freestyle flying disc competitions in 2016, and quickly fell in love with the sport.


Now being a full-time performer, Alyssa most enjoys training complex tricks and behaviors, as well as playing freestyle disc. In her free time, she enjoys taking photos of her dogs and watching murder mysteries on Netflix.

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