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Wendi Faircloth & Andrea Guajardo

Wendi Faircloth

Wendi Faircloth has been passionate about animals since she was young.  Growing up in upstate NY, she was always training their family border collie to do tricks and brought home many animals “to keep as her own”.


After graduating from college in 1995 with a Bachelors in Secondary Education, she realized she had a knack for teaching dogs when she worked as a kennel tech at a small dog training facility.  So she promptly shifted her career aspirations, and began training service dogs at Paws with a Cause in Michigan. Her passion soon escalated into Dog sports and she began competing in flyball, disc and dock diving.   


In 2006, Wendi moved to Arizona and established herself in the world of pet dog training. She trained pet people to train their own dogs for many years. Her knowledge and skills were apparent to her students. As her passion grew she met up with an Occupational Therapist who was as excited about the idea of working dogs but also was passionate about helping kids with Autism. Together they started a not for profit - Raising Hope Dogs. They explored the use of highly trained dogs to help kids with autism overcome major life obstacles. In 2015, they started a not for profit - Raising Hope Dogs—and since then, Wendi has remained committed to the daily mission of raising and training dogs to do this work.


Also in 2015, Wendi met Abby Cline, with Stunt Dog Productions. Connecting to Abby’s passion and flair, Wendi began assisting her in shows around the country, using her personal dogs to assist in frisbee, agility and high jump. We are excited to have Wendi and her talented dogs leading shows at Zoo Miami this summer.

Andrea Guajardo


Andrea's journey into the world of dog training began with a single pup named Uno and a dream. Inspired by the captivating videos of trainers from Stunt Dog Productions back in 2006, Andrea thought maybe she could do it with her own dog and decided to give dog training a try. She embarked on a path fueled by passion and determination with hopes to one day work for Stunt Dog Productions. From her high school days in San Antonio, Texas, Andrea's bond with Uno captured the hearts of audiences worldwide through a YouTube video showcasing all of his tricks. That marked the start of an incredible adventure for the duo. Uno later starred in multiple commercials but is most notably known for his role in the indie feature film, "The Adventures of Pepper and Paula" which aired on Netflix. Driven by her love for dogs, Andrea's natural talents flourished as she honed her skills in various disciplines, from agility to high jump to disc dog. She spent several years competing in various dog sports with her dogs.

Andrea's pack eventually grew and now has several dogs, each with their own unique abilities. Their adventures expanded beyond borders, even doing performances in Canada. Andrea's adventures with her dogs are a tail-wagging tale of perseverance, passion, and pawsitive energy. As they continue to travel the world, spreading joy and wonder wherever they go, Andrea proves that with a little bark and a lot of determination, every dog truly has its day.

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